The interpretation of a dream


On the most important day, attention to detail
makes a big difference. Thus, make it so that the guests will be stunned.

With Pomi d’Umbria the dream takes shape: choose the collection that best suits the event, whatever the theme you have thought about. Give voice to your creativity: you can choose from all our products or create one ad hoc.

Here we are, the ceremony is about to end, make sure the words of love are not just scattered away in the air of festivity, but gather those precious words and wrap them inside the Pomi d’Umbria “mouillette”, a fully personalized scent strip.

The scented chalks are perfect to enhance the wedding invitation: a way to anticipate the festive atmosphere people will breathe in that day. Or as placeholders for their guests or even as cadeau de mariage.

The pome, a symbol of prosperity and fortune that dates back to ancient times, is the best wish for those who have participated in such a special event.

Because it is your duty to turn this day into an unforgettable special day!

Words gathered in the fruit grove

Annalisa Sposini • 27th august 2018
“Pomi d’Umbria’s chalks have given a nice touch to the gift of my daughter Gemma’s baptism.
Many small perfumed fruits just perfect for a little girl.”

Leila Rampa • 9th july 2018
“I have chosen the Scented Chalks of #Initinere as a gift for my degree.. the fragrance of Umbria hidden in a chalk which is even nice to the touch, a perfect product that has been hung by all my guests. Thanks again!”

Roberta Marona • 30th june 2018
“I chose Pomi d’Umbria as a wedding favour because I immediately fell in love with them.
The fragrance is unique, really delicate and pleasant and many of my guests asked me where to find it once finished. They are also refined objects and I have used them not only as ambient fragrances but also as table marker.”

Michela Tiberi, Graphic Design • 19th April 2016
Uncontaminated woods, old boroughs and sweet hills… These are not the words of a story tale, but the scent contained inside this special product: POMI D’UMBRIA by Initinere. Why not suggest it as a wedding present for your wedding? If you like ambiance fragrances and ceramics made in Italy you cannot say no! Many compliments to Simona Checcaglini for the concept!

Valentina Paggi • 19th June 2016
“Marina e Luca have chosen to give their guests the Perfume and the evocations that come from the #pomidumbria #cadeaudemariage”

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