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Information on Olfactory Design

The Olfactory Design of Pomi d’Umbra in hotels creates a pathway for the senses and emotions of your guests. Imagine.

At reception, on arrival, a harmony of notes of the highest quality greets your guest, leaving an indelible mark on the unconscious. This is your way of saying: “Welcome. I am ever so happy that you are here”.

The pampering continues in the suite: thanks to its design, Pomi d’Umbria with its fragrances, accompanies guests to enjoy their well-deserved relaxation.

In the lounge room the pleasantness of its fragrances purifies the environment awakening creativity and making reading a good book or tasting a fine vintage wine even more enjoyable.

But details should not be overlooked! Surprising the customers  by extolling the smell of clean into wardrobes, drawers or choosing a scented handmade accessory as a keychain for their room keys can make the difference for their experience in your structure.

Furthermore the Corner Pomi d’Umbria can offer an exclusive service. This is where your guests will find ambiance fragrances with reed diffusers, or Spray format, or even the scented chalks as olfactory souvenirs: You will offer them the opportunity to bring home the memory of their wonderful stay in your hotel.

In this way, every moment that lived in your hotel shall remain within your heart and mind,
thus making this a unique experience to be repeated, as soon as possible.

Words gathered in the Fruit Grove

Hotel Al Grappolo d’Oro • 12th june 2020
“CWe do enjoyed Pomi d’Umbria. Exceptional fragrance and design!
Keep it up, you are all fantastic and we see that you work with love like me.”

Casale Il Sogno • 29th january 2020
“Do you want to bring the smell of Umbria at home? It’s possible! Pomi d’Umbria captured the three scents of ancient Umbrian fruits (apple, merangola and pear) in a delicious perfume. With the wooden stick and a handmade cap cover in a cute pack to make or get a gift.”

I Casali del Moraiolo • 22th november 2019
“A story of ancient fruits of our lands. A sensory journey through the notes of berries, fruity woods and tobacco. Cuddles for our guests start with the fragrance living decor #pomidumbria by @initinere.umbria, a total sensorial experience to live in the rooms of our houses.”

B&b 07 Baci • 29th march 2019
“I am very satisfied with my Pomi and proud to propose them to my guests who will have the opportunity to bring home a 100% made in Umbria memory.”

Stella Ristorante Vineria • 21th september 2018
“The rooms of our inn have been enhanced by the fragrance living decor of Pomi d’Umbria and together with Simona Checcaglini we had fun to place them.

Take a look..”

Giora Schmidt, Violinista • 15th december 2017
“Thanks to Simona and to Initinere for the wonderful and unique air freshener.
And to Monterone’s Castle for letting us know this fragrance.
We always remember our special time in Umbria and look forward to returning.”

Teatro della Concordia • 16th july 2016
“Smell as an ally of memory, culture as a keeper of memory, travel as a common thread in a land full of woody and enveloping fragrances: Umbria.

The meeting between Pomi d’Umbria by Initinere and the Smallest Theatre in the world celebrates the memory of the senses and the pleasure of travelling in the green heart of Italy.”

Abbazia dei Sette Frati, Agriturismo Fratres 18th October 2018
“I could say that thanks to the Scented Chalks the Pomi d’Umbria fragrance can also inebriate the towels of the guests of my agritourism! A true cuddle with the fragrance of Umbria.. and the travellers can bring them home very easily.”

Giuseppina • 21st March 2015
“Undescribable beauty and magic of a unique place
The castle of Monterone, even if it is near the centre, you can reach it in a few minutes, is immersed in a splendid natural framework and the atmosphere is truly relaxing. It is like turning back the hands of time, looking at its structure, its walls, and having all the comforts of a modern villa; the metal structures, in wrought iron, the attention to precision and the sought after minute detail, nothing is left to haphazardness; I particularly also appreciated the fragrance of the place that was present in the room (POMI D’UMBRIA that tells about the story of ancient fruits found in the territory of Umbria) notes that inebriated me when I entered my room, the Giota. Breakfast was rich and the quality excellent ( fresh juices, fresh fruit and syrup, cakes, croissant, marmalades, various types of bread as well as a section dedicated to salty food). The staff of the castle was particularly attentive, they were kind and professional and the castle is undescribable for its beauty. I strongly advise you to stay at this facility. My fiancée and I still keep a splendid memory of our stay there.”

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