Environmental commitment

Environmental sustainability is of paramount importance for Pomi d’Umbria and is at the basis
of the choices made in all manufacturing processes.


We have always been environmentally aware, by making virtuous choices at all stages of production of our supply chain, in the continuous search for even more ecological solutions.
These are the actions we have implemented so far:

  • the choice of low-impact raw materials, such as glass for our bottles, maiolica and wood for our designer tops, and natural reed for our diffusers;
  • the use of FSC-certified cardboard packaging;
  • the use of recycled or recyclable material for the packaging of all our shipments;
  • the choice of having fragrances in refillable bottles, in both of our collections;
  • choosing suppliers who are locally sourced as much as possible;
  • a clear and transparent communication on how to dispose of all the product components (for now only present in the last collection released – Lignea’s).

This is done by printing a QR code on the packaging which shows the correct disposal instructions when scanned.