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Pomi d’Umbria room fragrance collections were made to offer you creations that are unique and all-embracing. They tell a story that is full of tradition and at the same time contemporary. They trigger emotions and memories. Be inspired and let your scented journey begin…

Maiolica Collection

The Maiolica Collection was the first of our creations, and an invitation to experience Umbria anywhere and everywhere! Handcrafted maiolica design tops recall the shape of varieties of ancient fruit from Umbria: the Monteleone Pear, the Conventina Apple and the Merangola orange. Notes of berries, fruity woods and tobacco create a heady aroma and bring a pleasant sensation of cleanliness to any environment.

Before making a purchase, choose between our ancient fruit:

Monteleone Pear

Conventina Apple

Merangola Orange

Scented Chalks

The Scented Chalks are made from the finest plaster powder, in moulds the shape of our three ancient fruits, the Monteleone Pear, the Conventina Apple and the Merangola orange. The fragrance with its citrus top notes and warm, woody base notes, designed for smaller spaces, accompanies you on a scented journey of discovery over the green Umbrian hillsides.

Our designer tops from the Maiolica Collection and our Scented Chalks are the result of an in-depth study into the area’s ancient fruit in collaboration with Fondazione Archeologia Arborea (Arboreal Archaeology Foundation).

Lignea Collection

The Lignea Collection is the continuation of an imaginary trip down memory lane that began with the Maiolica Collection. These gilded wooden design tops are inspired by the knowledge of wood craftsmen and their work. They are made from picture frames crafted with fruit and leaf decorations with a gold leaf finish, to become true jewels of high craftsmanship, Renaissance style. Essences extracted from black pepper, juniper berries and cedar wood take you back in time…

Let yourself be enveloped and it will be just like travelling through old workshops and small villages, full of extraordinary works and exciting stories. The collection is designed by Elisabetta Furin, who has always been fascinated by the art and culture of the region and promotes its quality craftsmanship.

A spray version is available to intensify the fragrances of the Maiolica and Lignea Collections and spread their scented notes through interior spaces in a simple and natural way. Finally, once you have used up the fragrances from the two Collections, you can choose to continue on your scented journey with our special refills, or use the designer tops as exclusive items and accessories.