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Why choose Pomi d’Umbria?

Because doing so means you choose fine handcrafted fragrances and objects exclusively designed and made in Italy.

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Do you want to buy Pomi d’Umbria as a Cadeau de Mariage?

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  • by contacting us for a special price
  • by asking your wedding planner how to get them

None of these ceramic keepsakes are similar to each other, each one is individual to itself in such a way
that each Pome represents a unique piece that exalts the love for “Made in Italy”.

Words gathered in the fruit grove

Lamalastrana / Blogger • 26th may 2020
“Last night, after several (hard) weeks at home I came back to Rome. I found your parcel and, in spite of everything, I smiled, because even if it was a small, tiny thing in such a moment, it smelled so good.
I often think of you and I still appreciate your work, I’m pleased you do it so well.”

Paola Vacchini / Diva e Donna • 23th may 2020
“Wanderlust. Only using the sense of smell for now. It evokes uncontaminated woods, rolling hills and ancient villages and ancient varieties of fruits. #istayinitaly”

Susy Macchia / Vougue Italia • 17th may 2020
“Pomi d’Umbria. Artistic air fresheners. Beautiful and so scented!
I love them. And, by the way, candles are always a little danger for children. With these air fresheners you never risk.”

Rossella Fiore / Vanity Fair • 13th february 2020
“For those who want to take roots everywhere even travelling.. and for those who would like to be everywhere even staying at home.”

Ilaria Volontè / Stylist • 11th september 2019
“Pomi d’Umbria is an intelligent and refined object. The scent it gives off is excellent and, at the same time, it gives style.”

Sara Cosarini / Architect • November 2018
An apple a day… keeps the bad mood out of my way! And you know best apples are picked up in autumn. With this wonderful Scented Chalks, I can be sure that good mood will be back!

Lidia Pregnolato / Vanity Fair • 30 September 2018
“A small object with a great power. A fragrance amulet to have always with yourself to enjoy pleasant moments accompanied by a refined fragrance.”


Margherita Tizzi / “Il Giornale” • October 2018
“And all it takes is hanging them in the wardrobe to enter uncontaminated woods and ancient village suspended in the time. All it takes is making them slip into a drawer to rediscover Umbria every time you take something from that drawer and wear it.. ”

Debora Pugnali / eVoluptas • 16th April 2016
#pomidumbria the essence of a neverending trip through Umbria. A land whose tale is told by means of two senses: olfactory, thanks to a fragrance thought up in order to accompany you even further than Umbria, and sight, with the wonderful hand craft reproductions in ceramics of the autochthonous pome.
“Pomi d’Umbria” is a project that I do adore because it uncovers the senses of Umbria!

Mirco Marchetti / L’Orto di Michelle • January 2015
A perfume with emotion and a Duck Pear as a cap…that can be used as a pen holder.

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