Pomi d’Umbria,
Ambiance Fragrances by INITINERE
for Umbria discovering its perfumes


A botanist with a great passion for perfumes, Simona is the originator of Pomi d’Umbria. The idea to create them came from the people who attended her events and would always request something they could enjoy afterwards as a keepsake. This is where the idea came from to continue our voyage of discovery in the territory, stimulating memory through sense of smell.


She is an art historian with a great interest in local cultural heritage and its enhancement. She joined Pomi d’Umbria a few years after it was created and immediately shared its aim to reappraise artistic craftsmanship through products of aesthetic value inspired by natural forms.

Pomi d’Umbria is a new, emotional stage of a journey undertaken with passion in 2011 when, calling ourselves Initinere, we went in search of Beauty and began exploring Umbria, raising its profile by holding green events, and studying its distinctive features, including quality local craftsmanship.

Now our tale takes on a new guise, through the finest Ambiance Fragrances and original handmade design products that recall the ancient fruit of this territory. These cues stimulate our sense of sight and smell and our love of all things Made in Italy.

Pomi d’Umbria is the name of a refined ambiance fragrance that triggers our sense of smell by offering an all-embracing sensorial experience in the living spaces that we care for the most.

10% of the essences used consist of the finest essential vegetable oils, skillfully blended to create fragrances that stimulate concentration and relaxation.

This quality sensory experience is further enhanced by designer tops in maiolica and wood, handmade by expert craftsmen using age-old techniques.

The home décor objects that have added richness to our Collections are instead made of chalk: they are Scented Chalks forms in the shape of three age-old fruits reinterpreted in a modern way. Imbued with a complementary fragrance, with citrus top notes and a warm, woody base, they are specially designed for smaller living spaces.

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