Sara Cosarini • November 2018

Sara Cosarini • November 2018
An apple a day… keeps the bad mood out of my way! And you know best apples are picked up in autumn. With this wonderful Scented Chalks, I can be sure that good mood will be back!

Lidia Pregnolato/Vanity Fair • 30 september 2018

Lidia Pregnolato/Vanity Fair • 30 September 2018
“A small object with a great power. A fragrance amulet to have always with yourself to enjoy pleasant moments accompanied by a refined fragrance.”


Margherita Tizzi/“Il Giornale” • ottobre 2018

Margherita Tizzi/“Il Giornale” • October 2018
“And all it takes is hanging them in the wardrobe to enter uncontaminated woods and ancient village suspended in the time. All it takes is making them slip into a drawer to rediscover Umbria every time you take something from that drawer and wear it.. ”

Debora Pugnali / eVoluptas • 16 aprile 2016

Debora Pugnali / eVoluptas • 16th April 2016
#pomidumbria the essence of a neverending trip through Umbria. A land whose tale is told by means of two senses: olfactory, thanks to a fragrance thought up in order to accompany you even further than Umbria, and sight, with the wonderful hand craft reproductions in ceramics of the autochthonous pome.
“Pomi d’Umbria” is a project that I do adore because it uncovers the senses of Umbria!

Luigia Ruga • 24 giugno 2016

Luigia Ruga • 24th June 2016
This morning I went to the National Art Gallery of Umbria for the periodical monitoring quote and what did I find at the Bookshop of Sistema Museo…freshness… perfume… elegance… my compliments.

Michela Tiberii, Graphic Design • 19 aprile 2016

Michela Tiberii, Graphic Design • 19th April 2016
Uncontaminated woods, old boroughs and sweet hills… These are not the words of a story tale, but the scent contained inside this special product: POMI D’UMBRIA by Initinere. Why not suggest it as a wedding present for your wedding? If you like ambiance fragrances and ceramics made in Italy you cannot say no! Many compliments to Simona Checcaglini for the concept!