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Why become a retailer?
With Pomi d’Umbria when your customers
step just into the doorstep of your shop,
they will have the sensation of entering
into an intriguing tale to discover something
wonderful… among wonders.

This tale has as its protagonists, the ceramics, chalk and refined suggestive olfactory scents. Your customer, who is in search of a precious novelty, will certainly be curious regarding the Space dedicated to Olfactory Pomi d’Umbria, the place in which this surprising and suggestive tale spreads out and takes place.

You will be able to guide him into discovering these tiny pieces of art to collect with their ceramic cover caps, unique pieces, all completely handmade and the elegant chalks characterized by a modern and engaging design.

Invite him to endeavour into a real olfactory voyage accompanied by a precious ambiance fragrance marked by warm and woody final note that shall exalt even more the Umbria Experience.

Invite him to endeavour into a real olfactory voyage accompanied by a precious ambiance fragrance
that, with the berry notes, fruity wood and tobacco, shall exalt even more the Umbria Experience.

Words gathered in the fruit grove

Erboristeria Gherlinda • 28th january 2019
“Your home will be invaded by this exciting perfume… we are sure they will conquer you too!”

Fai – Bosco di San Francesco • 23th june 2019
“Pomi d’Umbria arrived in our shop, home fragrances inspired by three ancient fruits of our region: the monteleone pear, the conventina apple and Merangola. Come and discover them!”

Bookshop Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria • 18th december 2018
“Do you want to play with us? Which one is the most fragrant tree? Apple, pear or merangola? Come and try the special effects, you won’t believe your nose! You can also read about the extraordinary Christmas power of Pomi d’Umbria on Vanity Fair.
We are waiting with many fragrances in the Palazzo Priori’s atrium at the Bookshop of the Umbria National Gallery.”

Tutto Natura • august 2018
“Amazing 2018 news for our shop.. the measure of fragrance to bring always with you, the scent of nature in which you will like to lose yourself!”

A44 Beauty Boutique • 9th march 2017
“The need to surround myself with beautiful things was not enough. I wanted A44 to be a container of ways of feeling… a perfume, a shape.. Pomi d’Umbria is the synthesis of what I was looking for.”

La botteguccia di Laura • 22nd February 2016
“Pomi d’Umbria: Italian Excellence.”

Andreishop • 21st April 2016
“Pomi d’Umbria …. #there’s nothing like it!!!”

Casa Mia • 13th may 2016
“Come and see us and discover the magic perfume of #pomidumbria”

Namasté home&more • 22nd June 2016
“My Pomi d’Umbria have finally arrived , quality guarantee that envelops in itself the perfume of the experience of your trip in Umbria. Come and discover it!!!”

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Pomi d’Umbria’s Export project was also implemented with the contribution of the POR FESR UMBRIA 2014 – 2020 Az. 3.3.1.

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