Pomi d’Umbria, ambiance fragrances by INITINERE for Umbria


She is the cultivator of ideas of Initinere, as well as botanic. She thought out Pomi d’Umbria for the audience of the events who, for quite some time, have been asking for some type of keepsake that would let them savour it even when the festivity was over. That is where this idea stems from; it gives you the idea that your voyage is continuing in time, discovering the territory you met, awakening your olfactory memories, making you live again the sensations of smells and tastes.

Pomi d’Umbria is the new and emotional stopover of a voyage carried out with passion in 2011, when, as Initinere, we started to explore Umbria searching for the Beauty, giving it its due value with green events, in which the tale takes place through high quality handicrafts.

Thus the tale takes shape in a new guise, through precious ambiance fragrances and original handmade product of design that recall the ancient fruits of the territory.

Pomi d’Umbria is a refined ambiance fragrance that triggers your olfactory memory offering you a moving sensorial emotion so that you can live once more those pathways so dear to you.
10% of the essences used consist of essential precious vegetable oils, with careful dosage so as to create a fragrance that stimulates concentration and relaxation.

Scents of Berry notes, fruity wood and tobacco are set free through a capillarity movement thanks to the thin wooden stems which, imbued in the fragrance, inebriate the room around rendering, at the same time, a sensation of cleanliness. A sensorial experience of quality further enriched by the ceramic caps that recall the shapes of the three ancient fruits of Umbria: The Monteleone Pear, the Conventina Apple and the Merangola.
A ceramic design accessory completely hand made by expert ceramic craftsmen of Umbria using an ancient manufacturing technique, in which the ceramist hand prints on a cast made of chalk.

Even the new decoration which has enriched the line is made of chalk: Scented Chalks, with the shape of three ancient fruits proposed in a modern way. Soaked in a new but complementary fragrance, characterized by citrusy top note and warm and woody final note, they are specifically designed for small spaces.

A new spray size home fragrance Pomi d’Umbria was born to perfume even larger spaces in a simple and natural way. You only need an upwards spray into the room to create a pleasant atmosphere of well- being.